26 December 2019 in Singapore: at last a solar eclipse visible from Home!

( © Jean-Yves Beninger)

This eclipse was an annular eclipse, a bit off center as viewed from home.

Eclipse started at 11:27, full at 13:23 and ended at 15:38



First observations on the ground, see the leaves' diffraction patterns in the shape of the eclipsed sun.


Shadows of crossed fingers have the same effect.


Image taken with a mobile phone with an astrosolar protective film

Now with an AP130 scope, Halpha filter and Canon 5DIII, 1/10s images at ISO 1600.



Animation over 4 hours through a H alpha filter. The chromosphere can be imaged in H alpha light and is the transition layer of the solar atmosphere in which the temperature changes from the 6000K of the photosphere tp the million degree temperature of the corona, or outer atmosphere. Active regions appear as bright patches which stand out from the orange peel appearance of the background - there is one at the bottom right of the surface. Flares develop from these active regions, visible here at the periphery of the sun.

Hello Solar Flare!


When the moon finally clears the Sun


Life and death of the Solar Flare