NGC 6992: The Eastern Veil nebula

Imaged by Jean-Yves Beninger from Ollioules, France on 3 August 2023



The nebula was discovered on 5 September 1784 by William Herschel.

NGC 6992, also known as the Eastern Veil Nebula, is a prominent supernova remnant located in the constellation Cygnus (the Swan).
It is part of a larger structure known as the Veil Nebula, which is the remnants of a supernova explosion that occurred thousands of years ago.
The Veil Nebula is a popular target for astronomers and astrophotographers due to its intricate and beautiful filamentary structures resulting from the shockwaves and interactions of the expanding debris with the surrounding interstellar medium.
NGC 6992 specifically refers to one section of the Veil Nebula, delineated by its distinct filamentary features and intricate details.
It is an awe-inspiring celestial object often observed and studied by astronomers to better understand the dynamics and processes involved in the aftermath of a supernova event.  

Astro-Physics AP92, Field Flattener for 644mm focal length, f7

Rainbow Astro RST-135E mount

ZWO ASI2600MC camera with Duo band filter with bandwidth HA (15nm) and OIII (35nm)

Stack of 24 images of 5 minutes, bin 1x1