NGC 6960: The Western Veil nebula

Imaged by Jean-Yves Beninger from Ollioules, France on 11 August 2023



The Veil Nebula lies around 2,100 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Cygnus (the Swan), making it a relatively close neighbor in astronomical terms.
Only a small portion of the nebula was captured in this image. The Veil Nebula is the visible portion of the nearby Cygnus Loop, a supernova remnant formed roughly 10,000 years ago by the death of a massive star.
That star, which was 20 times the mass of the Sun, lived fast and died young, ending its life in a cataclysmic release of energy.
Despite this stellar violence, the shockwaves and debris from the supernova sculpted the Veil Nebula’s delicate tracery of ionized gas, creating a scene of surprising astronomical beauty.


Astro-Physics AP92, Field Flattener for 644mm focal length, f7

Rainbow Astro RST-135E mount

ZWO ASI2600MC camera with Duo band filter with bandwidth HA (15nm) and OIII (35nm)

Stack of 24 images of 5 minutes, bin 1x1