Milky Way, Molines, France 2013

 The video below was made from 650 images taken over 4 hours, from 10pm LT on 31 July 2013 to 2am LT on 1st August.

 Note the light from the moon rising towards the end, which lightens the mountain's slope.

 6 images per second, so 1 second video is about 3 minutes real time

  Below some aid to understand how planes, meteors and other satellites appear on the video:




Object appearing at 01:18

Object stil there 75 minutes later

Note the green-red lights

Crosses very fast

See below

See below

  In the above video, at 01:18 an object appears on the right side of the screen and zooms out to the left.

  Very fast first, it appears to slow down as it crosses to the left for the next 75 minutes.

  Is it an asteroid passing near Earth and then plunging back into deep space?

  Note that it is dim every second image, may be rotating on itself every minute?

   This second video is a cropped of the above video, slowed to 2 images per second, so 1 second video is about 1 minute real time.

   The object appears when the music starts...