Animation of Jupiter's rotation imaged in October 2022 with Mewlon 250S and camera Zwo ASI462MC


The Mewlon 250S is a Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain Reflector with 3 meters focal length. For Jupiter imaging, I add a Televue 3x Barlow to push the optical focal length to 9 meters.

Image taken on 17 October 2022 at 22:04:53 LT Singapore



Image taken on 18 October 2022 at 01:02:04 LT Singapore



Image taken on 18 October 2022 at 22:32:15 LT Singapore



Image taken on 21 October 2022 at 21:46:11 LT Singapore



Zones, belts and vortices on Jupiter rotate at different speeds and in opposite directions for some. GIF of two images taken 20 hours apart, at 1am and 9pm on 18 October 2022.



  Jupiter 2021

Imaged in September 2021 with Mewlon 250S and camera Zwo ASI462MC (new camera)


Rotation of Jupiter and Callisto over 8 minutes on 17 September 2021



Two images taken 5 earth days apart, 12 Jupiter days apart

Note the zones, belts and storms on Jupiter.

The equatorial zone is visible in the center surrounded by two dark equatorial belts (South Equatorial Belt with the Great Red Spot and North Equator Belt).

Strings of small storms rotate mostly eastwards while the Great Red Spot seems to block their advance in the South Belt.

  Jupiter with Io, Europa's shadow, Europa and Ganymede, imaged on 16 September 2021



Animation of Jupiter rotation imaged mid September 2021

  Jupiter 2020

  Imaged in 2020 with Mewlon 250S



Comparison of image taken with a color camera and image with a luminance layer captured and added


Jupiter animation 2020

  Jupiter Great Red Spot over the years










Mewlon 250S

Mewlon 250S

Mewlon 250S

DFK31AU03 (color camera)

DFK31AU03 (color camera)

DFK31AU03 (color camera)




Meade OTA 10""

Meade OTA 10"

Meade LX200GPS 12"

DFK31AU03 (color camera)

DFK31AU03 (color camera)

ToucamPro (color camera)

  Jupiter animations over the years

Animation Jupiter 2021

Animation Jupiter 2020

Jupiter 2019 - only one decent image that year

Animation Jupiter 2018

Animation Jupiter 2017

Animation Jupiter 2016

Animation Jupiter 2011

Animation Jupiter 2010

Animation Jupiter 2009

Animation Jupiter 2008

Animation Jupiter 2007

  Best of 2017, imaged on 20 and 21 May, showing the Little Red Spot and the Great Red Spot

  Best of 2011

  Best of 2010

  The same side of Jupiter 2 months apart: notice the South Equatorial Band revival.

  The band is actually still there but covered by Methane clouds which are now dissipating, showing the band under it...

  Note that Jupiter appears smaller, it is 80 million kilometers farther away.

   Jupiter and Ganymede:

  Best of 2009

  In this animation, you can see:

  Io on the left appearing and going away quickly,

  Ganymede on the left going over Jupiter,

  Europe shadow transiting Jupiter

  and Europe appearing over Jupiter on the right and moving away

  See below the same movie flattened to see the tracks of Io, Ganymede and Europe.