7 March 2016: after a day long trip from Singapore to Balikpapan on Lion Air, we reached William's house on the evening, in time to apreciate William's hospitality: he was not there but the house and the resident cooks were great.

8 March 2016: the house proved to be the perfect spot to setup, we then had a free day to enjoy a round of golf on the Pertamina course next door. Note William's house behind us ... the tall palm tree is the one in the timelapse below.

A good seafood dinner on the sea shore was a perfect end of the day, hoping for clear skies the next morning.

9 March 2016: setting up early morning, waiting for the sun to clear the horizon and a bunch of trees

Time lapse covering the two hours of the eclipse duration

Time lapse covering the one minute of totality

And finally, an animation of the whole sequence

Very lucky indeed to have watched another great eclipse ... USA, here we come for the 2017 great eclipse!