2 May 2020: the ISS will transit in front of the Sun, right above our heads, during COVID-19 Circuit Breaker lockdown!

( © Jean-Yves Beninger)

The weather forecast is cloudy with thundery showers ... But let's get ready just in case.

Minutes before the transit, this is what the sky looks like ... clouds, clouds, clouds ... some thicker than others, it is possible to frame the sun on the camera, focus the scope and test the acquisition rate through the thinner clouds (every 10 minutes or so ...).



Mobile setup on the balcony: Takahashi Sky90II, Takahashi PM1 mount, ASI174MM monochrome camera, astrosolar filter.


Focusing earlier in the morning, sky was clearer, lucky for me!


Two minutes before the transit, nothing on the screen, and then the clouds thinned, I managed to frame the sun, started a 1 minute acquisition and right on time, got it! First GIF is the transit at actual speed! Second GIF is slowed five times.


Here is an image stacking the 9 frames that captured the ISS.



And a close up of the ISS