Best of 2017, imaged on 20 and 21 May, showing the Little Red Spot and the Great Red Spot

Jupiter animation 2017

Jupiter animation 2016







Mewlon 250S

Mewlon 250S

Mewlon 250S

DFK31AU03 (color camera)

DFK31AU03 (color camera)

DFK31AU03 (color camera)




Meade OTA 10""

Meade OTA 10"

Meade LX200GPS 12"

DFK31AU03 (color camera)

DFK31AU03 (color camera)

ToucamPro (color camera)

  Animations: note the evolution of Jupiter surface along the recent years.

  Click on Jupiter to view a larger animation

  Best of 2011

  Best of 2010

  The same side of Jupiter 2 months apart: notice the South Equatorial Band revival.

  The band is actually still there but covered by Methane clouds which are now dissipating, showing the band under it...

  Note that Jupiter appears smaller, it is 80 million kilometers farther away.

   Jupiter and Ganymede:

  Best of 2009

  In this animation, you can see:

  Io on the left appearing and going away quickly,

  Ganymede on the left going over Jupiter,

  Europe shadow transiting Jupiter

  and Europe appearing over Jupiter on the right and moving away

  See below the same movie flattened to see the tracks of Io, Ganymede and Europe.

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